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Frequently asked questions

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Can I get a sample?
- Samples are available for most work depending on the type of work required.
Why use a professional printer?
- Results far exceed home results and give a professional look. Also for larger quantities the cost of production may well be lower.
What do we need to know in order to provide a quote?
- We will need to know what type of artwork will be provided by you, whether we need to typeset any of the work, what material you want it printed on, how many copies you want printing and where the finished goods are to be delivered. Contact Martin if you need help or suggestions on how a quality product can be produced at a competitive price.
Do you provide proofs?
Proofs are produced on our digital printer for most work and pdf files can also provided to give an indication of how the finished product will look.
Should my work be Litho or digitally printed?
- As a rule of thumb, if you require less than 500 copies of a document it is cheaper to have it digitally printed, as each additional copy costs about the same as earlier copies. For more than 500 copies, it is usually cheaper to use our offset litho press. The cost of producing the first copy is quite high as we have to produce special “plates” for each colour; but since the machine can print at over 5,000 sheets per hour, extra copies are quite cheap if they are printed at the same time. The “sharpness” of litho printing is also better as the technology has tighter tolerances. With offset litho printing we can provide quotes for a fixed quantity plus a “run on” price. The run on price is the price for an extra quantity printed at the same time as the main batch. For example, if we quote £500 for printing 1,000 copies of a document, we may quote a run on price for 100 copies of £25. This means that if you order 1,100 copies, we will charge you £525 and if you order 1,500 copies we will charge you £625. Run on prices only apply if all the quantity required are ordered at the same time.
Is there a minimum order size?
- No, but for normal sized work, runs of over 200 become economic for us to print.
How long does it take you to print a job?
- Turnaround times depend upon the type of job, but we can complete most jobs 2 to 3 working days after you have approved the proofs.
How do I request a quote?
- Either ring Martin on 0115 973 5271 or e-mail us. Alternatively you can call in at 36 Cross Street between 8.30 and 4.30 Monday to Friday.